CNA Smiling With Resident

Alzheimer’s Care – A Safe & Secure Community

Harmony Square literally means “a place of pleasant open agreement.” It instills a sense of genuine care for the feelings and needs of others, all of whom live or work within the safety and security of a Harmony Community. Life at Pheasant Ridge Memory Center is focused on recognizing and celebrating the unique abilities of each resident, rather than worrying about those abilities that have been lost. We will make every effort to find creative solutions to challenges as they arise, ensuring a consistently high quality of life for the residents who live with us.

At Pheasant Ridge Memory Center we also understand that people require daily opportunities for enjoyment and fun. Because there is no single activity that guarantees enjoyment for all, Harmony offers activities that are tailored to the diverse interests of our residents. While some residents may prefer to be a part of a large community event, others would rather spend time with just a few friends chatting over a cup of tea.

CNA Comforting Resident

At Harmony, we believe that laughter is not only good medicine, but an essential component of a resident’s overall well-being. As such, we try to identify those activities that will bring the resident joy, contentment, fun, and perhaps even a good laugh all in the care and comfort of Roanoke’s newest and most secure memory care center.