Financial Solutions

Financial questions and concerns are a part of most senior living housing decisions. To help potential residents and their families understand the true costs and value of senior living, a number of reputable firms have developed resources to educate prospects and address financial concerns. These firms include:

Cost of Living Considerations

Finding the right senior living community can largely depend on financial considerations. To assist you in financial planning, we’ve developed a Harmony Cost Comparison Sheet for senior living that outlines the benefits of choosing one of our communities.

Short-Term Financing Options

Are you challenged with paying for senior living while waiting for the home to sell, Veterans or insurance benefits to begin or other financial event to occur? As you start to plan the finances of moving to a Harmony Senior Services community, you may find it beneficial to obtain short term financing to help. Elderlife Financial Services can help ease the stress of your move.

The Elderlife Bridge Loan provides peace of mind by solving your family’s funding gap – from $5,000 to $500,000.

The Elderlife Bridge Loan makes paying for senior living easy.